Bratt Pans

Bratt Pans

Bratt pans are large heavy duty commercial cooking equipment specifically designed for preparation and production of large-scale meals. Bratt pans are capable of performing up to 8 cooking functions. They are typically utilized in centers that require mass catering such as large staff canteens, hospitals, schools or during functions and celebrations that involve mass gatherings such as weddings and other ceremonies.

Bratt pans are multi-purpose appliances in nature, serving a number of cooking and catering functions. Although they are generally designed for braising, shallow frying, searing and general cooking, they serve other functions such as steaming, boiling, poaching, roasting, stewing, deep-fat frying among other important catering functions. These huge cooking receptacles are basically meant to produce large volumes of food. Although there are no restrictions on who to buy the bratt pan, in very rare occasions can it be used for domestic preparation of food.

Why use a Bratt Pan

Bratt pans are efficient and effective in many ways. They are therefore preferred over other cooking appliances for several reasons. The following are features of a bratt pan that make it advantageous for large scale preparation of food.

1. Bratt pans involve either manual or electrical tilting- This feature makes bratt pans advantageous over other cooking appliances because they can be used both electrically and manually. With electrical tilting, bratt pans prepare large amounts of food within a very short period of time. In the absence of electricity, it can still be tilted manually to produce large volumes of food.

Electronic controller of most types of bratt pans can be used to adjust to any type of cooking program. For instance, you can adjust and use it for pressure cooking and steaming to produce a number of dishes prepared in the desired manner. Some of the best dishes that can be prepared using electrically tilted bratt pans include fish fillet, omelletes, steamed vegetables, meat sauces among other dishes.

Bratt pan is available in either gas-heated or electric versions with different capacities. For instance, EASYBRATT is available in capacities of 50 to 200 liters with its manually-operated tilting which can be motorized on user’s request. BETTERPAN is available with four capacities between 110 to 220 liters.

2. Versatile and Efficient- Bratt pans are large enough to prepare huge amounts of food at a faster rate. For instance, FRYBRAT bratt pan is large enough to cook, fry or braise large amount of food within the shortest time possible. This equipment is compact, easy to use, indispensable tool that is able to function with extraordinary workloads.

3. Bratt pans can save a lot of space-Although bratt pans are large cooking equipment, they can save a vast amount of space as compared to the several small units used for cooking. A single bratt pan is therefore preferred over several smaller cooking appliances used in combination.

4. Multi-Cooking Temperature Modes- Depending on the type of food you intend to prepare, bratt pans can be easily adjusted to different temperature modes to prepare different types of food. For instance, you can prepare sauces, soups and stew using different temperature settings without getting worried of overcooking or overheating your food.

5. Easy to use- while bratt pans are used to carry out complex cooking and catering functions, they are easy to use. You just need a simple illustration then you can go ahead and prepare any type of meal using a typical bratt pan.

6. Easy to clean- Bratt pans are easier to clean after use as compared to other cooking appliances of similar size. Since all cooking is done using a single huge pan, you just have to tilt using either an electric pan or a hand crack. This depends on the exact model you are using. Since bratt pans have a central spaut, any food remain can be easily removed to leave it ready for the following service.

Bratt Pan User

Although bratt pans are easy to use, it is highly recommended that a person using it should be trained in its operation. It is often used for large restaurant and hotels.

This principle is intended to ensure that bratt pans are used accurately to avoid any mess. The main reason for this recommendation is that bratt pans usually prepare huge amounts of food and if any mess or damage with food preparation occurs, the resulting losses will be catastrophic. So in order to avoid huge losses, only persons with specific training on how to use bratt pans should use it for food preparation.


To sum up, bratt pans are large-scale cooking appliances used to prepare large amounts of food. They have different features that make them advantageous over other cooking appliances. For instance, they are versatile and efficient, saves a lot of space, easy to clean and easy to use. They should be handled with care and by trained users only. Generally, they are more efficient and effective as compared to other cooking appliances.

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